• Biogas Plant Development

    Biogas Plant Development

    One of most promising technology under continuous development is the biogas fuel. We have acquired a detailed knowledge of the authorization process, timing and hidden problems. Our dedicated experts provide both feasibility and profitability studies of power plant projects as well as timely, helpful and efficient support during the different[...]

  • Biogas Engineering

    Biogas Engineering

    Engineering is our most effective service. We meet your needs in any process phase of the project: Conceptual, Permitting, Designing, Procurement, Installation, Commissioning. Any our action is made to boost & maximize your results. Our ENGINEERING PACKAGES set are: Conceptual Eng: site selection, preliminary on-site investigation, technology selection, feasibility studies,[...]

  • Technical & Financial Advisory

    Technical & Financial Advisory

    Our technical services are related to both projects under development and plants already in operation.. These activities are often requested by our Customer in case of: M&A process, when a third part evaluation is necessary to describe and evaluate the assets under negotiation Performance Check Up, in case of independent[...]

  • Due Diligence

    Due Diligence

    Our services covers all the activities to be performed in a due-diligence process: from the examination of the background and financial conditions, business operations and contractual obligations of the project and, in case of non realized project, to the understanding of the tech feasibility and the potential related risks’ review.[...]

  • Asset Management

    Asset Management

    We manage your assets facing all the fiscal items, the technical & regulatory updating (i.e. changing in tech standard or laws), all the administrative aspects and the full control on the O&M contractor activities aiming at giving an added value for your investment. If requested, we can directly take care[...]

  • M&A / SELL Advisoring

    M&A / SELL Advisoring

    The Team helps investors in the potential transactions of acquisition, merger or divestment of the plants or supports developers in finding investors in their projects. Once properly mandated by the Client, we will work throughout the acquisition/sale process. In case of assets’ selling, the SELLING PACKAGE assessed by our experts[...]