Solmac is an independent consulting firm created to offer solutions in the energy sector and, in particular, in the renewable energies’ field. Solmac experience and competencies are rooted in more than 20 years of business in these sectors, but its vision is always pointed to the future.
We strive for state-of-the art solutions and innovative technologies because we know the value of your money. Our Team has been formed to quickly react to the new market trends with professionals characterized by solid track record and expertise and that have proven to be the right persons in the right position. Solmac offers its people continuous training and courses to ensure a state-of-the art level of competencies across the team people.

During the years, Solmac has also created an external network of professionals dedicated to those collateral activities that need local presence (i.e. on-site testing) or spot specific software high level competence (i.e. wind site assessment): all these activities are managed & guaranteed by us.

Our Management Team is always at your disposal: more than a consultant, Solmac is your Partner.