M&A / SELL Advisoring

The Team helps investors in the potential transactions of acquisition, merger or divestment of the plants or supports developers in finding investors in their projects. Once properly mandated by the Client, we will work throughout the acquisition/sale process.

In case of assets’ selling, the SELLING PACKAGE assessed by our experts includes:

  • prepare a teaser for finding investors
  • selection of potential buyers & assessment of the short-list
  • discuss with Client, the estimation of the base-sale price and, at last, agreed the negotiation strategy
  • support to the Client in presenting the proposal to the potential buyers
  • management of the Data Room preserving the confidentiality
  • asupporting the visit on sites & supervising the audit by the counterpart
  • agreement on the LOI or Term Sheet offering also the financial & legal support
  • support to the Client during negotiation