Asset Management

We manage your assets facing all the fiscal items, the technical & regulatory updating (i.e. changing in tech standard or laws), all the administrative aspects and the full control on the O&M contractor activities aiming at giving an added value for your investment. If requested, we can directly take care of the whole management of the SPV that contains the assets.

  • Independent Remote Monitoring of the main parameters of performance of the plant following the int’l Standard & Certifications
  • Control on the O&M scheduled activities (tech + reporting + costs)
  • Performance Report with highlighting eventual differences between contract obligations
  • Annual budgeting
  • Re-negotiation of the O&M contracts in term of price & tech contents on the basis of the plant performance analysis
  • Management of the relationship with feed-in tariff authority, grid connected utility and fiscal obligations
  • Providing the necessary updating in compliance with tech & regulatory changes in the legal framework
  • Management of the whole SPV with our personnel
  • Fiscal & Legal support