Energy Audit

Energy audit is one of the most required service for a simple reason: saving money makes the business more profitable. The Team supports the Customers in finding the most adequate solutions to boost the efficiency of their installations minimizing the consumption of the used energetic sources (i.e. gas, electric energy, …). The energy audit service outlines the complete picture of the Customers energy consumption and is the basis for the definition and implementation of a set of solutions among which the Customers can choose the most proper to invest in.


  • On-site investigation of energy consumptions (type of loads, hours/day, hours/year, …)
  • Bills analysis to identify tariffs per hours, active & reactive power available
  • Round table with the Owner & Responsible of Maintenance professional to investigate logbook investment already planned, actions already done and potential future expansion or contraction of processes
  • Complete Audit Report of the investment status, actions suggested and completed with a cost/benefit analysis