Technical & Financial Advisory

Our technical & financial services are related to both projects under development and plants already in operation. These activities are often requested by our Customer in case of:

  • M&A process, when a third part evaluation is necessary to describe and evaluate the assets under negotiation
  • Boost Performance Package, when our Customer want to increase the plant performance and related revenues
  • Performance Check Up, in case of independent check or for contractual dispute on performance with O&M Contractor
  • Owner engineering, when the Owner needs Review & Verification of the Contractor plant design
  • Legal dispute, in case of claims on component defects (i.e. “snail tracks” on PV module) or assistance on component warranties procedures


  • Investment funds & Private investors
  • Owners, without specific competence in PV
  • EPC contractor, when in dispute with owner
  • Banks or Financial institutions, in case of debt restructuring or suffering