Biogas Engineering

Engineering is our most effective service. We meet your needs in any process phase of the project: Conceptual, Permitting, Designing, Procurement, Installation, Commissioning. Any our action is made to boost & maximize your results.


  • Conceptual Eng: site selection, preliminary on-site investigation, technology selection, feasibility studies, permitting scenario, timetable, budgeting, preliminary design, suppliers shortlist
  • Permitting Eng: technical & environmental docs for permitting, expediting timetable
  • Designing Eng: executive design, Gantt timetable, Energy Yield Assessment, Business Plan, Maintenance Planning, HSE Planning, Testing & Plant Acceptance procedures
  • Procurement: Contracts Assessment, Assistance in negotiation, Quality Insurance procedures, Expediting & Supervision during production, Supervision on transports on site
  • Site installation: Direzione Lavori (DL), Responsabile Lavori (RL), Coordinamento Sicurezza in fase di progettazione (CSP), Coordinamento Sicurezza in fase di esecuzione (CSE), tests & measures during installation
  • Commissioning: pre-acceptance tests & measure, Certificazione Accettazione Provvisoria (CAP), Certificazione Accettazione Finale (FAC), plant start up


  • Private investors
  • Owners without specific competence on Biogas