Actions for Energy Efficiency

Our technology experts continuously invest in their sector knowledge with the state-of-the-art solutions in the field of energy efficiency. The Team has performed projects with high level of saving, often using “low-cost” plug & play solutions. The Team track record covers all the electric sectors of the industrial loads:

  • Efficient lighting: we are able to design not only LED solutions, but also solutions based on other technologies that better fit the characteristics of the Customers’ needs
  • Air Treatment & Conditioning: in a world characterized by plenty of solutions for heating and/or cooling, we state that nothing can be 100% standardized. Any installation needs a proper and tailored design
  • High Efficiency Engines: in many cases and especially for large size engines, the change of the old with a new high-efficiency one is a solution to save money
  • Inverter Driving: ventilation systems & compressors are the typical industrial applications on which the application of an inverter modulated driving instead of a on-off automation can save Clients’ money and can extend the load lifetime
  • Reactive energy correction: even if this tech solution has been introduced more than 50 years ago, we have found a lot Companies, on one side continue to pay penalties for reactive energy consumption, on the other don’t use this simple and not expensive solution with often less than 1 year pay-back
  • Consumption Monitoring: knowledge as the first action for savings. We have to know where, when and how much are your point-by-point consumption to design any actions for saving money. We are available to monitor your consumptions with plug&play solutions with remote and independent data access

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